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Dear God

I have written hundreds of  letters  to you since I was 12.when I was a little girl,I used to stay up late until everyone went to sleep.Then I started to speak to you.I loked at the moon over the window,started talking to you about things happened to me and you just listened.My meetings with you remained a secret between us.

Now I am 20 years old.I feel unhappy because I miss many opportunities to talk to you at midnight.You have helped me a lot but I have thanked you a little.I am so sorry!

Sometimes when I am disappointed,I ask you why you created me.After getting out of trouble,I understand that I love life in spite of difficulties,sadness,misery,and hopelessness.It is a big chance to experience all good things in this world and I am very thankful to you for all these things.

Oh God!I know I sometimes forget you are my heart is dearest guest.please accept my invitation and come over!


Love mana




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